How Electricians Wire Houses

Have you ever wondered how residential electrical work is done in your house? If so, we will break down how residential electrical work is done in your home.

The first thing that electricians do is laying out the 12-wire to the kitchen from the electrical panel onto the ceiling to make it look presentable from the inside when the interiors are done.

Second, the electrician goes back to the panel and crimp out the 12-wire.

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This is for the kitchen’s GFR, commonly known as ground fault protection—Mark each wire to avoid confusion when inserting those wires into the panel. Do the steps again for the kitchen’s second GFR.

Third, get another 12-wire and stretch it out until it goes entirely onto the dining area—the same method with the kitchen. Layer the wire onto the ceiling and on the way to the dining area. After you’ve achieved the required length of the wire onto the dining, go back to the circuit panel again and label your wire before crimping it. Please put a note on the wire on which receptacle it goes through, the microwave, dining, nook, and many more.

It is also noted to staple it onto the trusses for every 4 feet of wire to make it clean-looking. If all the receptacles are already wired, the next step is going back to the circuit panel and labelling each wire according to its uses to avoid confusion.


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