Gardening Is A Relaxing Hobby With A Great Return Get Started With These Simple Tips

Gardening is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can have.

It’s not just the act of growing delicious vegetables or tasty fruits for your kitchen (though that’s certainly a great motivator). It’s also about getting down in the dirt, pushing away the worries of the world and spending a few hours in the thick of nature. When you want to start gardening it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the different kinds of equipment you need. Fertilizer, seeds, water, the list goes on. Just like growing your very first cherry tomatoes or row of daisies, you need to give yourself a little patience to create your first successful garden.

Here’s what you should know about your average commercial water hose and how it can make sure your green thumb is yielding fruit.

Common Uses For The Commercial Water House

On your way to becoming a devoted gardener you’ll find many functional uses for your gardening equipment. The commercial water house is a common staple of many households for its flexibility in multiple applications. A garden hose can be as short as 25 feet and as long as 100 feet for just about any basic utility or cleaning service you need. Families heading out on camping and boating trips will often purchase a heavy duty garden hose to clean their tires and keep their animals hydrated throughout their vacation. You can even make sure the hose is drinking water safe.

Popular Flower Varieties For Beginner Gardens

Eager to get started on your home gardening expedition? Let’s take a look at some of the more popular choices for beginners. Back in 2014 the number of people who did gardening within the past year reached an impressive 115 million in the United States. That’s quite a few people eager to test their mettle and see what they can pull from the earth. Lilies, daisies and roses are among the more popular flower varieties thanks to their lovely color and popular demand. You can also try orchids or sunflowers if you’re feeling especially bold.

Beloved Fruits And Vegetables You Can Start Out With

Some prefer to grow flowers to decorate their windowsill. Others want to see if they can add a few new items to their kitchen. Cherry tomatoes, squash and onions are common vegetables that taste great in many recipes. For those that want to try fruit, consider looking into plums or blackberries to give you something sweet to look forward to. Your commercial water hose should be designed to give your plants an even coating and hold up to the elements, which may mean you should invest in a more specialized model if you’re gardening full-time.

Basic Tips To Create A Strong Foundation

Before you choose your lightweight hose look into these tips to keep your garden healthy. Optimal lawn watering with a sprinkler system takes around an hour to 90 minutes, give or take, and green landscaping should have you using a soaker hose that’s no more than 100 feet long. A common source of frustration for many gardeners is making sure their soil is always optimized, as well. You can easily test the pH balance of your soil and fertilizer using specialized strips. This will do the dual work of saving you time and giving your plants room to flourish.

Choosing The Right Commercial Water Hose

Now that you know which type of garden you want…which type of commercial water hose should you buy? For those that want to use a hose nozzle or sprinkler, ideal for larger gardens, try to find a hose with a burst pressure of 350 psi or up. A 3/4-inch hose is able to deliver three times the amount of water of one with a 1/2-inch diameter. Your garden hose should also last anywhere from five to 10 years if it’s well taken care of. This means cleaning it, storing it and checking it for dents on a regular basis.

Relaxing and fruitful, gardening is a hobby that is well worth the effort.

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