Five of the Most Common Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roofs are very susceptible to leaks. Water pooling and areas in need of repair are very common. That’s why getting on top of your flat roof repairs is very important. If you don’t take care of minor problems on your flat roof, it won’t be long before you have a major and expensive problem on your hands.

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Not only can damage to your flat roof cause leaks, but the water damage from those leaks can cause rot and mold to take over your roofing structure.

There are a few different areas where leaks are common. The first of which is roof flashing. Flashing is the material that connects vents, chimneys, and other roofing structures to the roof. The intention is to cover any gaps between the structure and roofing material. If the flashing fails, it leaves a major problem area and can cause major damage if left unchecked.

Regular interior and exterior roof inspections are important to prevent any small leaks from growing into a disaster. Inspections can help prevent leaks before they even start. Just take your time looking on your roof for any pooling water, leaks, or missing flashing. If you see anything that needs to be repaired, call a professional right away.


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