Did You Just Find Out That You Need to Make a Big Move?

Questions to ask moving companies

You might as well throw your Moving Day Tips that you have gathered and organized in the trash.
For months you have been planning a quick weekend trip to help your daughter move from her sophomore college dorm room into a different building and room where she will live during the summer and throughout her junior year. This afternoon, however, all of those plans went right out the window.
Very excited, your daughter just called and announced that through a strange, but exciting, turn of events she has been asked to spend the summer in Arizona doing university research with her Louisiana genetics professor. So while your current Moving Day Tips had been about the simple task of transferring her things less than a block from one dormitory to a small set of apartments on the campus of her liberal arts college, you are now facing a much different task. With less than a two month time to get ready, you need to make a plan for putting the majority of her things in storage in Louisiana, and moving what she will need for the summer half way across the country.
Moving organization tips for a move across the country are far more complex than the simple moving day tips for moving just a few blocks. And while you know that you will not require anything drastic like professional moving services, you do need to make a plan for driving her items to Phoenix, or check into prices on shipping some boxes. With a whole new list of tips for packing and moving in hand, you are going to spend the next few weeks looking at the different options. Your daughter will have to make many of the final decisions, but you have the time to do the research.
Affordable Moving Services Can Make Quick Work of Many Complicated Relocations
Although 37% of Americans have never left their home towns, that group is in the minority. The majority, 63%, in fact, have moved to a new community at least once in their lives. An even more amazing statistic, of all of the people in America who live in an apartment, as many as 33% will move at least every single year.
Are you, or someone in your family, moving in the next six months? Although we can all probably remember a hectic move in or out of our college dorm room or one of our first apartments, at some time in our life we hope to have an organized and well planned move. If your move is the result of a job relocation, you may be lucky enough to have an employer cover the costs. For many Americans, however, they are often paying for their own moving expenses. Having a plan and even a detailed list of moving day tips can help you anticipate potential problems and plan for the most efficiency.
Consider some of this information about Americans and the moves that they make:

  • About 62% of Americans currently live in the state where they were born.
  • Never go into any move without a plan. It is easy to pretend that moving a short distance is no big deal, but it is always better to have a plan.

  • Estimates indicate that 66% of Americans between the ages of 18-29 say they have relocated within the past five years.
  • According to the Census Bureau, in every year since 1980, nearly 43 million Americans, which amounts to 16.8% of the population, end up having to relocate.
  • Some 40% of Americans say they are very likely or somewhat likely to move within five years.
  • Your preparation will determine how smoothly your move goes.

  • Moving companies mean that residents can leave everything set up at their old house longer and have it unpacked for them at their new house faster.
  • Opportunities for work or career are the reasons most often cited for relocating.
  • Very close to 36% of those between the ages of 20 and 24 relocate each year; nearly 31% of those between 25 and 29 relocate each year.
  • Even when you have a very big house, it is recommended to start a move the kitchen since it is often the room with the most items.

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