DIY-ers Rejoice! You Can Now Rent Construction Equipment

Rental tools

You can rent just about anything nowadays. A designer dress, tools for rent, party tables: you name it, just about any item that you are considering buying could be rented instead. The categories people typically rent from are: kids parties, weddings, and construction equipment.

According to the American Rental Association, revenue for the rental industry is increasing at three times the rate for the general economy. Fewer people see the benefit in buying, it seems. There is certainly a market for it. Below are a few tips on the major rental categories.

Rental Tools Are a Better Deal, And Here’s Why.

Are you a real do-it-yourself kind of person? If you are, chances are you already have at least a few tools in your arsenal. But perhaps there is a big job on your To Do list, and the tools you have right now just won’t get the job done. Tools for rent such as a power equipment rental are much more financially feasible for the average DIY-er.

If you need to look into scaffolding rentals, or a floor removal machine, do yourself a favor and get proper training before operating it. Most construction equipment can be rented for the length of time that suits the time you have allotted for your project, even if that is for a day or even up to a year. Take the extra time to keep those tools for rent, and do the project right the first time.

Kids’ Parties Have Their Own Safety Rules.

Say you want to rent a big bouncy castle for your child’s birthday party. Do you know the safety requirements to set it up properly, and what to do during operation to ensure each kid stays safe? It isn’t too complicated actually. The average 15×15 bouncy house takes between 15 and 20 minutes to set up, five to 10 to inflate. Once it’s ready to go, make sure no more than 12 kids are bouncing inside at any point. It puts too much stress on the structure.

No One Has That Many Chairs: Renting Equipment For Weddings.

For any wedding with a guest list over perhaps a dozen guests, it becomes necessary to rent tables and chairs. Nearly every part of a wedding is rented actually, from the locations of the ceremony and reception to the tablecloths. While it can seem like a large amount, keep in mind that most wedding rental companies start their chair rentals at just $2 each. Don’t worry about the final bill before you have at least a few quotes from different companies.

It is a great convenience to rent instead of purchasing. Sometimes, you simply can’t imagine the next time you would use the equipment again. Other times, it actually ends up costing less. Either way, look into renting before you buy. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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