Designing the Fire Sprinkler System

When designing a building, one of the things people tend to forget about is the fire sprinkler design. This is important because when a fire breaks out, you want the sprinkler system to drench the room in water as fast as possible and as evenly as possible. In this video, we take a look at how a fire sprinkler cad block works and why it’s important.

When we say cad block, this combination of words is utilizing two different things.

Video Source

When we say cad, we are talking about the software AutoCAD, which is a popular design tool that helps companies design layouts, maps, etc. Blocking on the other hand can be thought of as blocking is done in theater. It’s staging the scene, or in this situation, the room. A fire sprinkler designer will evenly distribute the sprinkler for consistent contact while referencing other sprinkler system layout examples to get the best coverage.

When it comes to the fire protection sprinkler system installation, call the professionals. This is not a DIY project, but something that is important in protecting people and the building from extensive fire damage.


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