Month: August 2021


Installing a Ductless AC Unit

If you want to install an AC unit in your home but will be installing it in an area that doesn’t have access to ducts, then opting for a ductless mini-split air conditioner is the way to go. You can hire an AC installation service to take care of the installation for you, or you can try your hand at installing it yourself.… Read More

How Does a Water Storage Tank Work?

If you own a home that you live in, you understand the convenience of having hot running water at any time. There are many types of water heaters that make this possible. One such method is by using hot water storage tanks in the home.… Read More

Tips for Your First Time Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great method for driveway and sidewalk cleaning. It saves you hours of getting on your knees to scrub. Here are some tips for your first time using a pressure washer from Adam Hill, creator of the popular YouTube channel Adam DIY.… Read More

How Carpet Stretching Fixes Bad Installations

If your home is brand new or is quite new, then you expect everything in it to be functioning as if it was new. And that doesn’t just go for appliances or electricity. Windows should open smoothly, floors should not creak, and your carpets should not have lumps in them.… Read More

Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Products

If you want to take good care of your stainless steel products, it’s important to understand how to properly clean them. Stainless steel might be one of the strongest metals used in manufacturing, but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to dirt or dust.… Read More
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