Month: December 2020


Building Homes For The Poor

It is hard to believe that there are homeless people in some of the wealthiest countries. In such places, it is even harder to provide a home for the homeless in such countries. Basic needs are not optional as much as one would get a temporary provision of the same.… Read More
termite wood

Charity termite tenting for Selby Gardens

Video Source Must-know tips, for termite controL There is no bad time you can choose to start preparing to control termite’s destruction around your property because these wood chewing pests are usually active the entire year. These pests can cause so much damage, it is essential therefore to use many techniques to control them; just the same way you can control other pests in your home.… Read More

Charity provides housing, care for those with special needs

Video Source People with disabilities may lack the chance to have a home. The stigma associated with these people is on the rise. Most people do not want to identify with disabled persons. However, disability does not make them fewer humans.… Read More

Charity makes beds for kids in need

For some children, just having a bed to sleep in at night is a precious gift. Over the past year, one charity has donated 100 beds to kids in East Central Indiana. In this Fox 59 segment from Randolph County, we learn about Sweet Dreams, a local charity that provides free beds for needy children between the ages of 3 to 15.… Read More

Tips On What To Expect If You Purchase A Fixer Upper

Congratulations, you just brought a new house that you can call your very own. However, the house you just brought isn’t “brand new.” The plumbing could use some work. The bathroom and kitchen look a little bit dated, and you could use some new windows to replace the old ones.… Read More
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