Day: December 30, 2018

Hurricane impact sliding doors Impact resistant sliding glass doors Sliding glass doors florida

Installing Hurricane Proof Doors for High Rises

Residents of Florida have learned to live with the yearly arrival of hurricanes, and a number of precautions against these storms are taken, which includes installing proper doors, such as hurricane proof doors. Installing hurricane proof doors and hurricane impact doors is a great choice for contractors who are building, renovating, or repairing larger residential buildings like condos and high rises, and glass door manufacturers and others can take note of storm resistance technology and construction methods to help minimize damage and risk to life when a hurricane strikes.… Read More
Bamboo floor trim Is bamboo flooring durable Transition between floors

Installing Bamboo Flooring

Hardwood has established itself as a staple for North American construction ever since the colonial period, and this includes flooring jobs. The flooring of any building is often taken for granted even after renovation, but if a floor has issues such as stains, scratches, or warping or cracks, anyone in a home or commercial building will quickly notice and be unhappy about it.… Read More
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Get the Right Treatment For Your Windows

Any home will have a number of features and utilities all in working order, from a roof that does not leak to windows and doors that don’t let in drafts to insulation in the walls. But a secure window alone may not be enough for a home’s comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.… Read More
Maryland roofing companies Roofing contractors

Want To Improve Your Home’s ROI And Reduce Your Energy Bills In One Go? Install New Windows

There are quite a few areas in the home you can take for granted over the years. You might be wondering if it’s your roofing or flooring that could benefit from some tweaks. Perhaps a new decorating spree is what you need to cure what ails you?… Read More
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