Want To Improve Your Home’s ROI And Reduce Your Energy Bills In One Go? Install New Windows

There are quite a few areas in the home you can take for granted over the years.

You might be wondering if it’s your roofing or flooring that could benefit from some tweaks. Perhaps a new decorating spree is what you need to cure what ails you? If you’re a homeowner eager to save some money and set yourself up for future success, look no further than these next few installations. From single windows that were poorly installed to clogged gutters, your home is always in need of a little improvement. Choosing the right ones can mean the difference between a huge energy bill and coasting through a smooth month.

The year’s almost over and the future is looking bright. Plan ahead with these five cost-effective and functional installation ideas.

Prevent Water Damage With A Basement Refitting

Nothing destroys your future plans quite like water damage. Not only do you have to remove all the soaked belongings and knick-knacks, you also have to foot a bill that can easily climb into the thousands. A recent study found water damage costs an average of $2,400 to fix, while removing standing water can creep a little higher to $2,700. Wind damage is even higher, hitting $5,500 at its lowest, and it can all be avoided with regular inspection. Your basement should have proper ventilation and supporting gutters to ensure this is one setback you won’t be fearing.

Improve Your Home’s Value With Better Siding

If your attic ventilation is good to go, you might want to take a look at other ways you can improve your home’s value. Siding, particularly on older houses, can become worn and warped over the years. Not only is this unsightly, it reduces your home’s value by a significant margin. Most siding installation today is rated for winds between 100 and 110 miles per hour. Vinyl siding is widely coveted for its eco-friendly nature and simple installation methods. If wind still rips it off, vinyl siding will be easy to re-install.

Reduce Your Energy Bills With Double Pane Windows

Are you tired of energy bills that never seem to get any lower? You might be in need of new single windows. The average home sees nearly 40% of its heat loss going straight through the windows and doors. A home with several single-pane windows can see that number going even higher to 50%. The double pane window is designed with the express purpose of trapping temperature where it belongs and removing the pesky drafts that leak you dollar by dollar.

Create A More Eco-Friendly Home With New Roofing

Do you wonder how your home could have a more environmentally friendly touch? Try out a new roof installation to garner several benefits in one handy package. The typical American family spends a third of its annual heating and cooling budget on air leaks that slip through the cracks. Your standard 2200 to 2600 square foot roof can cost DIY homeowners between $1,000 and $4,000 to replace, with some professionals charging up to $8,500. This installation, however, will increase your home’s ROI significantly on top of reducing your energy bills each month.

Stay Proactive With Efficient Gutter Installation

When single windows and a flat roof coating is accounted for, double-checking your gutters is a good way to just get the most out of your winter. Too many homes today are relying on gutters that are too small, too old, or constantly clogging. This can increase your risk of a flooded basement and put far too much stress on your home as a whole. Swapping out your gutters, or asking for gutter cleaning maintenance twice a year, is the very definition of being proactive. Both your home’s overall quality and your insurance claims will be given a breather.

Don’t take your home for granted. Improve it in small, yet significant ways by swapping out your single windows or asking for new gutter installation.

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