Month: September 2013

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Keep Home Design Inexpensive, Bold, and Creative

Did you know as many as 42% of all Americans get starry-eyed at the prospect of redecorating their homes? The number one reason people continue to hesitate, instead of lighting out after their dreams? Money. Many U.S men and women do not realize that home design on a budget is possible, and, with a little creativity and smarts, can be one of the best decisions you will ever make.… Read More

Home Improvement Videos for Every Skill Level

The more complicated the home improvement project, the more you can benefit by having an expert next to you while you complete it. But most of us don’t have our own personal Bob Villa to watch over our shoulder during each phase of a project.… Read More

Hvac maintenance —- [FREE VIDEO]

The air conditioning industry in the United States is worth more than $50 billion. This should come as no surprise because air heating and air conditioning are believed to greatly increase productivity while also reducing the risk of heat strokes and other serious issues.… Read More
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