10 Common Additions That Add Value to a Home

If you’re like most homeowners, then you have a vested interest in improving the value of your home. Fortunately, there are several additions that add value to a home that you can consider. The most important thing is that you have to be willing to invest in your property, whether it’s time, money, or effort. After all, if you want to get more value out of your home, you have to be willing to put some skin in the game, so to speak. In this article, we provide some great suggestions on additions that add value to a home. These suggestions include simple additions like a new, fresh coat of paint and more involved, like a bathroom renovation. Read on to find out more details.

Homes Start With the Foundation


If you suspect that the structural integrity of your home’s foundation has been compromised, it’s essential to seek professional foundation repair as soon as possible. Remember, your home’s foundation has one primary purpose, which is to hold your home up. Therefore, you can’t even begin to think of additions that add value to a home until you make sure your foundation is in good condition. Repairing your home’s foundation in a timely manner is beneficial because it prevents the risk of flooding and property damage, which can be costly and time-consuming to fix. It also brings you more peace of mind from knowing your home is resting on a solid foundation.

Is Stone Worth It?

Stone is natural and durable, which makes it the perfect building material. That said, stone can be quite an expensive building material, so you might want to limit its use to one specific area of your home, such as the siding. Having stone siding is practical for many reasons. Stone siding adds extra curb appeal to your home and requires minimal maintenance to remain in good condition. It also does a good job of providing your home with additional insulation. Because of how durable it is, you can be confident that your home has the best protection against extreme weather. The extra insulation can go a long way toward making your home more energy efficient.

Are Your Shingles in Shape?


Your roof is larger than life, and it should command your attention when looking for additions that add value to a home. Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material on the market, and if you have this roof type, you have one main advantage. Instead of having to replace the entire roof, you can repair or replace individual shingles as long as the damage is not too extensive. Although asphalt shingles may not be as durable or long-lasting as other roofing materials like metal or slate, you can still extend the life of your roof with timely repairs.

Start by inspecting your roof. Do you notice any cracked, curled, broken, damaged, or missing shingles? If you check the gutters, are there any granules accumulating there? These granules look like coarse black sand, and they come from the shingle’s top surface. If you notice any of these signs, this indicates that your roof may no longer be providing adequate protection against water penetration. To prevent expensive water damage from occurring, get in touch with an experienced roofing company for repairs. You might also want to consider a roof replacement if your roof is on its last legs. A roof replacement is a better long-term solution that can help you avoid the cost of frequent repairs.

Big & Bulky vs Small & Efficient

There are several types of water heaters, but the best type is tankless water heaters. As the name suggests, a tankless water heater doesn’t come with a tank where hot water is stored and heated in bulk. Instead, it’s typically fitted with an electric element that heats the water as it travels through a pipe and into the unit. Essentially, a tankless water heater gives you hot water on demand. This small and efficient water heater offers many benefits over its big and bulky counterparts. It’s highly energy-efficient and can help lower your utility bills. It also saves space and requires minimal maintenance.

Paint & Repair


Exterior house painting can help improve your home’s value. That’s because it boosts curb appeal, and homes that are well-maintained tend to have a higher value in the eyes of home buyers. Painting your home also has practical benefits because the painting is a protective layer that protects against natural elements and keeps pests away. Painting your siding also helps extend its lifespan. If your siding is showing signs of wear and tear, consider hiring a siding repair service first before the paint job.

Do You Like Your Bathrooms?

There’s a reason why bathroom remodels are often included among additions that add value to a home. The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, so it’s natural that this shared space experiences wear and tear quickly. It’s necessary to invest in a bath remodel from time to time to keep it fully functional. If you have seniors living in the home, it’s also necessary to install safety features like no-slip flooring, bath and shower chairs, and grab bars and poles. These features minimize the risk of a fall while using the bathroom.

The great news is that there are so many bathroom remodeling ideas you can explore to suit your budget, preferences, and lifestyle. Implementing the right ideas should transform the overall look and feel of your home. Bathroom remodeling ideas can range anywhere from installing a freestanding tub or walk-in shower and using pebbles as flooring to adding a double vanity or eye-catching tile walls. You can also explore different themes, whether you’re going for a white and pristine look, a green and earthy design, or something bold and colorful.

Do You Have a Tree Problem?


Trees can be a beautiful addition to any landscape. They absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen as a by-product when they photosynthesize. Therefore, they can help create cleaner and fresher air, which is good for the health of your family. Other benefits include improved privacy, soundproofing abilities, colorful fruit and flowers, and much-needed shade to keep you cool on hot days. That said, these benefits are only associated with healthy trees. If you have a dying or diseased tree in your yard, it’s important to hire a tree removal company to ensure the safe removal of the tree.

It’s unfortunate, but when a tree is dying or severely diseased, there may not be much you can do to save it. Instead of waiting for it to fall down on its own, you can have professionals perform this task in a safe and efficient manner. There are all sorts of reasons why you might need to remove a tree. You may have to remove a tree because it’s storm damaged and failing to recover. In some instances, the tree might be perfectly healthy, but you might want to remove it for public safety reasons or because it’s growing dangerously too close to your home.

Is Your HVAC Solid All the Way Through?

Your HVAC system is an essential component of your home. This system is responsible for maintaining quality indoor air and keeping your environment comfortable. Thus, it’s crucial to ensure it’s in the best possible condition. In that case, it’s best to engage the services of a reputable HVAC company to ensure your system is solid all the way through. There are three main instances where you might need to engage professional services regarding your HVAC system. You may need HVAC repairs if your system is acting up. Perhaps it’s making strange noises or sounds, or you may have noticed that your utility bills are skyrocketing without explanation. This can happen if your system is not operating efficiently.

Timely HVAC repairs are necessary because they prevent major and costly repairs. They also ensure that the unit operates at peak efficiency, thus consuming less energy. In another scenario, you might need to schedule professional HVAC inspection and maintenance, which is required at least once a year. During this exercise, your technician will clean coils and condensers to eliminate clogs, tighten electrical connections, check system connections, and look for potential issues that need to be fixed. The purpose of a professional HVAC and maintenance is to extend the life of your system and prevent costly repairs. However, if your HVAC is already at the end of its life expectancy, then it’s best to hire a professional to ensure a quality installation. A new energy-efficient system can help you save on energy costs and is one of the best additions that add value to a home.

A Clean Appearance Adds Value


When homeowners are looking for great additions that add value to a home, they rarely consider its exterior. But your home’s exterior is just as important, and you should aim to create an immaculate exterior that oozes killer curb appeal. When guests and home buyers first come over, the exterior should make a good impression and be an extension of your interior. Too often, you don’t need elaborate additions like water features to create a good impression. All you have to do is spruce up your yard. This involves activities like getting rid of fallen branches and accumulated trash.

You can also rake up leaves and debris, trim trees and brushes, use an edge to keep your lawn and walkways neat, and mow your lawn. If you want to take things up a notch, consider hiring a power washing company to clean your deck and any concrete surfaces, such as your driveway. Power washing is a convenient way to clean specific areas of your home, which can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

Finished vs Unfinished Basement


Regardless of the size of your home, you can always benefit from having more livable space. Therefore, if your home has an unfinished basement, consider making it finished to unlock the potential of this extra space. After completing basement repairs and renovations, you’ll be left with a versatile space that you can use for a wide range of purposes. You can convert your basement into a home office, gym room, hobby room, storage area, or living room, depending on your lifestyle. As you can see, a finished basement has considerably more function than an unfinished basement.

Another advantage of finishing your basement is that it can boost the value of your home. This is spot on, considering you’re looking for additions that add value to a home. By finishing your basement, you’re unlocking more livable space, which allows you to enjoy more of your home. With more available living and storage space at your disposal, you find that keeping your home organized and uncluttered. It’s not surprising that homes with a finished basement can have a higher asking price than homes with an unfinished basement. A finished basement can even improve your home’s energy efficiency. This is the case if you invest in quality insulation that makes it easier for your HVAC system to maintain a consistent temperature.

When it comes to additions that add value to a home, you have a wide range of options. You can benefit from increased home value whether you’re planning on selling or not. If you’re planning on selling, it’s possible to recoup some of the costs associated with these improvements. That’s because homes that are well-maintained and have specific features like a finished basement and beautiful landscape tend to fetch a higher asking price. These improvements are designed to impress buyers, helping you sell your home faster. Even if you’re not selling your home, you can benefit from additions that add value to a home because they allow you to build more equity. Remember, your home is one of your largest assets, and building more equity can work in your favor whenever you need to take a secured loan. You can easily enjoy benefits, such as better interest rates, higher borrowing limits, and more flexible terms.

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