Why Landscaping Is Important

Retaining wall design

Every year a large portion of Americans will get involved in a home renovation project. So many people find themselves inspired by what they see online or on HGTV that they want to try and make major changes to their home. These people will often try to engage in a do it yourself project, but those who are truly intelligent will let the professionals handle any real renovations.

When it comes to renovating, it is easy for the television shows on HGTV to fool you into thinking that all people can be landscapers. Instead, it is important to understand that if you want something done well, you should leave it to the people who make a living doing this skilled trade. If you are looking to have a landscaping project done to your house, hire in landscapers to take care of your project.

All landscaping design ideas, from the retaining wall design to Plano landscaping, can bring you many benefits as a homeowner. First and foremost, if you are selling your house, landscaping can help increase the resale value of your house by nearly 15%. So if you want to sell your house then there is a strong sense of value in bringing landscapers to help with your project.

Just about 90% of all real estate agents recommend that homeowners invest in some form of landscaping before they sell their house. This will help decrease the amount of time that your house is out on the real estate market by nearly six weeks. Even better, if you spend as little as 5% of your home’s value on landscaping you can receive a return of investment that equates to about 150%.

Real estate agents truly believe that landscapers can help you in terms of selling your house. 97% of all real estate agents recommend that landscaping is a top five home improvement recommendation and that it can help homeowners see a large return on investment. This is important because nearly 50% of all homeowners are going to budget about $10,000 on their landscaping project. So imagine what kind of return they could see on that large of an investment.

Only landscapes can know facts such as that a tree can help remove nearly 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which equates to about 11,000 miles of car emissions. If you allow landscapers to help put plants in your yard, it will help remove pollutants from the air. Shade from trees can go so far as to help reduce the cost of your air conditioning by nearly 25% or more throughout the summer.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals conducted a Harris Poll that involved 2,034 American adult homeowners. This survey revealed that 75% of all American believe that it is important to spend time outside in the year yards. It has also been proven that 83% of all Americans believe having a yard is important and out of all those with a yard, nearly 90% believe that their yard has to be well-maintained.

In Conclusion If you want a landscaping project to happen at your residence, your best bet is going to be hiring landscapers to come in and work for you. These landscapers will be able to ensure that you get the highest quality of landscaping done to your home. They will have the best tools, the best workers, and the right amount of experience to execute whatever plan you have in mind. These are people who are paid to come in and work on lawns and to renovate homes, week in and week out. You should trust landscapers with your home, the way you trust an auto mechanic with your car.

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