Why Get a Swing Set?

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The first playground in the US was established in 1887 at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, including swings, slides, a carousel, and cart rides. Teddy Roosevelt, the famous US president, advocated for playgrounds in a speech made in 1907, and playgrounds are important developmental atmospheres for children in their early age. Between two and seven, children are busy learning hand eye coordination, balancing, and a number of motor skills, and outdoor playsets can help them to learn these important things. These playsets can be as simple as backyard swingsets or veritable castles of wooden swingsets, but they will help your child to learn movement and keep moving!! You’d have to live under a rock to not know about the recent push for pediatric health, with the figures about childhood obesity tripling in the last thirty years and almost 40 percent of African American and Hispanic children being overweight or obese.

Swing sets for sale are great investments for your children, as are trampolines for sale. Other play equipment can be acquired relatively cheaply, but swingsets are worth the expense. They will serve your family for years, can stimulate your child’s imagination, and keep them healthy! Reference links: playnlearn.com

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