When making a military move an Army DITY move calculator can help

Miltary move

If you are a serving military member who has just been transferred to another base, chances are you will need to perform a DITY move. A military DITY move is our country’s way of helping its soldiers to make the trip from base to base, as needed, and be able to take their family and belongings with them. The best way to figure out what the exact cost of your military dity move is, is to use an Army DITY move calculator. When making a military move, there are certain items which are and are not allowed to be reimbursed by DITY moving. For instance, truck and trailer rental, packing materials, packing blanket and furniture rental, hand truck rental, gas, oil and tolls are allowed, while tow dollies, car rental, insurance fees, sales tax, meals and lodging are not. An Army DITY move calculator can help you figure out the exact amount of money the military owes you in reimbursements. Also, when military moving, keep in mind that you may only use your own private vehicle, privately owned trailer, or you may hire a commercial moving company, use a “you load, they drive” service, and make shipments via parcel post. Make sure to use an Army dity move calculator so you can get all these figures correct before you hand them in for reimbursement. And make sure you plan your DITY move early as it can be stressful. The military will give you more time if you make the move yourself, so be careful, and have fun traveling to your next assignment. Read more articles like this.

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