Whats The Difference Between Water Softener and Water Conditioner?

The water softener and water conditioner both are different from each other. Before installing any or both of them in your home or business, it is important to know the difference and characteristics of both. A water softener is used to eradicate minerals like magnesium and calcium ions. As described in the video, a water softener eradicates these minerals and softens the water. It will help you to avoid the effects of hard water on your body, home surfaces, and fruits or vegetables.

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Whereas, water conditioning systems eradicate extra or unwanted substances from water that can alter its smell and taste.

Water conditioners mostly are salt-free systems. Sometimes there is chlorine, chloramines, and organic gases in water which alters its taste and also causes an unpleasant smell. So, the water conditioners remove that chlorine and other salts from water and make it suitable for drinking and other uses. But as in the video, it depends on how you want to treat your water, that is either you want water conditioning systems or water softeners. But water conditioning systems are better solutions for you if you are tired of the unpleasant smell of water.

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