What You Should Know For Your Basic Roof Repair

If you are considering roof repair services, watch this video for a great easy paint tip for your roof.

This is a low cost, paint based repair method that works for most roofs. The first step is to scrape off any loose dirt or residue that is on the roof.

Video Source

This residue can hinder the bond you are after with this repair method. Sweeping the surface thoroughly using a coarse broom is a great way to make sure the roof is as clean as possible before starting. Once the roof is as clean as possible, you’ll want to apply primer using a paint roller.

Just pour out some primer in a starting position on the roof, then use the paint roller to spread it throughout the roof. You want to use as little primer as possible to do this job. Excess primer doesn’t provide any benefits, in fact it just makes it take longer to dry. Once the roof is dry, you’ll want to apply a layer of glass fiber scrim. This needs to be placed on top of the primer before you apply the roof sealant. Before applying, you should stir the sealant until it is even. You don’t want the solids of the sealant to stay at the bottom of the barrel so this step is very important. You can apply this sealant with a brush. Because of the previous steps, this sealant should stick very easily.

If you have any further questions or want to hire a professional for your roof repair services, contact a local company today.

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