What You Need to Avoid an OSHA Citation

Threaded inserts for plastic

What price do you put on workers’ safety? Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) citation penalties range from $5,000 to $70,000! A single citation can devastate business finances, and sometimes even threaten companies’ futures. Manufacturing and industrial operations employees work in some of the most hazardous environments. How can industrial and manufacturing employers avoid OSHA citations?

Stabilize Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery surrounds industrial operations and maintenance workers everyday. Therefore, keeping employees safe – and limiting potential hazards – depends on stabilizing equipment. Employers can ensure that heavy machinery and awkward equipment remain secure using simple products, such as leveling feet. Leveling feet are available in a number of different materials and stabilize machinery on uneven flooring. Some varieties are specially designed to absorb shock and vibrations.

Similarly, employers and workers rely on nylon fasteners to keep machinery and parts together. Nylon fasteners, including nylon nuts, bolts, and screws, enable workers to efficiently take apart, adjust, and put back together parts and equipment. Easily adjusting equipment, using tools such as nylon nuts, is especially important for regular maintenance and inspection. Workers can use cap nuts (also commonly referred to as dome nuts and acorn nuts) for an added peace of mind. Cap nuts protect external threads from weathering, abrasion, and wear. Nylon cap nuts or nut covers also shield parts from harmful vibrations and torque.

Protect Electrical Wiring

A fair share of hazards and OSHA citations arise from damaged electrical wiring. Careful wire management can drastically reduce the likelihood of accidents, and keep OSHA inspectors happy. Employers can, for example, use rubber grommets to protect wires, cords, and cables from jagged metal parts and pieces inside machinery. Heavy duty rubber grommets are even safe for use in automotive and other large-scale manufacturing. The reason? Reinforced grommets hold up well against extreme temperatures and pressures.

Address problem areas before getting an OSHA citation. Use leveling feet and nylon nuts to reliably secure heavy machinery, and protect internal and external wiring using heavy-duty rubber grommets.

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