What to Know Before Hiring a Roofing Company

It is a natural inclination to experience a little panic at the first sign of a leaking roof. Hopefully, storm damage or the conditions of our roofs never get that bad, but in either case, finding a good roofing company is the difference and what the attached video discusses. If you have an emergency-type of roofing need, it is important to avoid acting in haste and hiring a subpar contractor.

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If your roof is older or suffered storm damage, for example, it is equally important to work with a reputable roofing contractor to avoid those aforementioned problems in the first place.

So, what do you need to know? The first thing you should know is what to ask. That includes questions about the contractors license and what type of insurance they have (worker’s compensation and general liability insurance are the big two). You also want to focus on local companies, and always check references. If the roofing contractor you are talking to is local, then it is also likely that you may know a couple of people who have used them, and you will be able to see recent work they have done. Don’t let a fly-by-night out of the back of his beat-up pickup truck take advantage of your panic, and do your due diligence. Even if that means needing to use a bucket to catch water for a day or two!


The first thing you should know is what to ask

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