What to Know About Tree Ropes

When doing tree work, certain ropes are necessary for different purposes. According to the video, tree ropes can include bull ropes and rigging ropes, and while they’re used interchangeably, they are a little different and need to be used for different tasks. Bull ropes are meant to pull trees in the direction that you want them to go. Rigging ropes actually loop around limbs and rig them down as they are trimed out of the tree.

Video Source

If someone is planning to do some tree work and pull down a tree, then you’ll need both of these tree ropes for the work. Your bull rope should have a 5/8 diameter and can be double braided for good measure. Some of the best ropes are 12 strand bull ropes because they reinforce the strength that’s needed. A rigging rope should be braided and have multiple strands so that they remain in tact for the best options. Some brands are better than others, so it’s best to take in reviews and recommendations from the professionals on which ropes will hold up when working and which ones are the most appropriate for the type of job you’re doing. Since all trees aren’t the same size, you’ll need tree ropes that can accommodate the weight and size of these trees.


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