What is Recovery from Flood Damage Like?

Whether the source is internal or external, a home or other property could suffer from water damage. As the accompanying video shows, water damage could be relatively simple to clean up or very difficult. The difference often lies in the location and source of the water.

Video Source

Internal flooding is the most common source of water damage and could happen in many ways. A ruptured water heater could flood an entire floor. A broken water pipe could cause damage inside walls or to flooring. Maybe someone left a faucet on or flooded the bathtub. No matter how it happens indoors, homeowners insurance could cover the cause of water damage.

The other source of damage is from external flooding. Whenever a water source outside of the home or other property enters and causes damage, that is a case of external flooding. Unfortunately, many homeowners insurance plans do not cover the cost of damage caused by external flooding unless you have flood insurance.

Water damage also could affect the health of anyone inside the property. If the damage causes mold or mildew to develop, people who are prone to respiratory illness could become very sick. Rapid mitigation can prevent toxic mold or mildew.

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