Using a Catch Basin Cleaning Company

A catch basin cleaning company specializes in cleaning out catch basins to ensure that rain run off can make it into the sewers. Catch basin cleaning is a simple but incredibly important activity. If everyone pitches in to keep the catch basin areas clean it can help to reduce the risk of street flooding.

Video Source

Dirt and debris can buildup around the catch basin and keep the runoff from getting where it needs to be. Puddling can be a danger to motorists and increase the risk of car accidents. Of course, in the worst cases of clogs the water will easily back up and cause flooding not only in the road but on the sidewalk as well.

Everyone can do their part by learning how to clear away catch basins near their home. This video shows you how simple it can be to clear away these drains and help to reduce the risk of flooding after heavy rains. It takes about 10 minutes to clear away the debris and do your part. Watch the video now to learn how you can help your community.

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