Tips for Installing Shingles on a Roof

If you are looking to learn a little about roofing from experienced roof installers, you should check out a how to video that is broken down step by step. Roof installers that take pride in their quality work will be able to answer any questions you have. You may want to consider practicing before you start the job on your house or shed, and you can create a smaller replica of a building to do so. First, you should start with the drip edge, which goes around the edge of the roof and attached together at each corner.

Video Source

The corners can be created in many different ways, but you want it to look best while supporting under the shingle. Next, you want to install felt, starting at the eve and going over top of the drip edge. After that, the starter strip can be installed and eighth of an inch over the drip edge, and then the shingles can be applied after that, at the same distance from the starter strip. Putting together the shingles can be a tricky process, so getting advice from roof installers may be ideal.


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