Tips for Installing Kitchen Cabinets

If you are going through a kitchen remodel, you are probably going to replace your cabinets at some point. You want to make sure you are being thorough with your project to avoid repairs in the future. Here are some tips on installing a new kitchen cabinet.

You should first make sure that there is room on your walls for the crown molding after installation. There will be a gap after you install your cabinets, but don’t let that worry you.

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Mark your points of installation to make sure that the cabinet line is correct. You should also pull out your level at this time to ensure that the cabinets will not be installed crooked. These first steps are important to set up the cabinet installation process. You should make sure you have all the tools necessary before starting.

Then you can put the base beam down and begin to drill at an even pace. Use your level that one more time to double-check the base. Set the cabinet on the base and drill in at all the junctures. Then you can continue adding the rest of your cabinets. Watch this video for more tips on how to complete the best cabinet installation.


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