Tips and Advice from Landscape Installation Companies

Landscaping is not a one-time event. It’s something that needs to be maintained on an ongoing basis. If someone doesn’t like their home grounds, landscape installation companies can help. Mike Gunn walks us through a small landscaping job on Talking through a landscape install.

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Tips and Advice.

Even with basic landscaping, it is best to provide a good visual idea to the client before you start any physical work. is a great tool for landscape visualization.

There are certain areas in the yard that are best for different types of plants. Place taller plants behind shorter ones so that they don’t obstruct the shorter plants. Try not to plant them too close to the house. Use steel edging when installing river rock in the landscape for protection. Use 5m fabric under rocks. This prevents the rocks from seeping into the earth.

A pro can do winter landscaping as long as one is not working with frozen ground. Remember, any installed plants won’t look their best until Spring. So the client will have to trust and use their imagination a bit. Happy landscaping!.

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