These Services Can Improve the Value of Your Home

Home improvement and renovation are significant considerations when preparing your property for the market. The average return on investment for a home improvement project is 20% to 25%. As you aim to improve the value of your home and look for residential renovation companies to hire, consider using these services:

Countertop Installation Services

Changing out the countertops in your kitchen or bathroom will completely transform the overall aesthetic of your home. Did you know your home’s value will increase when the kitchen is updated? However, the countertop installation process won’t be simple if you lack the necessary knowledge, time, and resources. It is essential to find a reliable expert to assist you in this challenging endeavor. There are many residential renovation companies to hire, so avoid DIY counter installation because it’s risky.

It’s a common belief that if you plan on selling your house soon, you might want to consider renovating the kitchen first. Installing granite countertops will dramatically improve the look of your kitchen and increase your home’s value. Granite is the hardest natural stone available. When utilized as a kitchen countertop, it conveys an air of refined beauty.

Granite’s resilience against cracks and scratches under regular use is one of the greatest advantages. When compared to diamonds, granite is only slightly softer. However, sharp knives and cleavers can scratch granite. Therefore, always use a hard-cutting surface when slicing, chopping, or dicing food.

Why do you think granite counters are so common these days? It’s because of how cheap they are. The installation cost of granite countertops ranges from $40 to $200 per square foot. However, the slab’s thickness and the residential renovation companies to hire will also determine how much it will cost to install the granite countertops. The slab’s thickness directly correlates to its installation cost.

Granite countertops are highly recommended because they can withstand high temperatures. Since granite is a material that forms under pressure and heat, it can withstand high temperatures without much damage. Although you should avoid using pot holders, granite countertops can withstand a hot pot or pan placed directly on their surface. Ultimately, with the right cover, granite countertops will withstand heat and resist stains as well.

Since it is porous, alkaline and acidic substances can leave permanent stains on granite. Cover your granite countertops once a year to retain their resistance to stains. Don’t forget to immediately clean up any liquids or foods that may have split using water and a little detergent. If a spill dries on the countertop, scrape it off with a plastic knife.

Generally, if you hire a professional for countertop installation, you won’t have to worry about repairs and maintenance being a constant nuisance to your countertops. It’s also important to note that granite countertops are extremely fragile and require an experienced hand. A skilled expert knows how to handle the equipment and supplies with minimal waste and maximum efficiency. Choose the residential renovation companies to hire carefully if you want the best countertop that will last several years.

Garage Door Replacement Services

Most homeowners think a lot about garage doors and home value improvement when looking for local garage door replacements and residential renovation companies to hire. Investing in a new garage door is one of those modifications that will slightly raise your home’s value. According to Remodeling Magazine, the return on investment (ROI) for replacing a garage door is 93.8%.

A new garage door costs an average of $3,907 but can add an average of $3,663 to your home’s selling value, so you’ll get back a sizable portion of your investment. The return on investment for many other types of house renovations is substantially smaller. A roof replacement yields a return on investment of only 60.7%, but a simple kitchen redesign returns a whopping 72.2%.

A garage door typically affects your home’s curb appeal because of its prominent placement. Therefore, getting residential renovation companies to hire for a new garage door is a wonderful idea if your current one is worn out or broken. Dented or out-of-date fixtures can make your home look older and cheaper.

Roof Replacement Services

If you inspect your roof and find no obvious problems, you can hold off replacing it. However, roof deterioration isn’t the only factor to consider. Roof replacements service will boost the value of your home by making it look better. It will also improve the visual appeal of your home, even if it doesn’t seem to be in imminent danger of collapsing. As a homeowner, you should choose a roof that complements your siding and landscape from the wide range of textures and colors available.

The external appearance is mostly affected by the roof. If a house’s roof is deteriorating and falling apart, no one will notice how lovely the structure’s skeleton and underpinnings are. Depending on the age of your current roof and the quality of the new materials, you can expect a return on investment (ROI) of roughly 60% to 68%. The fact that you won’t obtain a 100 percent return on investment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Patio Installation Services

A patio installation is also a home improvement service that increases the value of a home. Several variables will affect how much value is added. The way the pavers are put to work also makes a difference. It’s also crucial to note that many real estate agency polls have found that a good patio is a must-have for homebuyers. As a result, as you set your home up for sale, expect a better selling price and a quicker sale with the help of patio pavers.

Patios are becoming increasingly popular, and homeowners are ready to pay a premium for this amenity. Today’s generation seeks a balance between outdoor and indoor activities. A patio is a great way to extend your home’s living space and accomplish this. Additionally, the patio offers a great way to add to your property’s value without worrying about obtaining special permits.

Increasing your home’s worth by other means, like building an addition, could be time-consuming. However, if you spend your money hiring professional concrete patio companies, you won’t have to worry about time waste and the unpleasant experience of home additions. Take your time evaluating the residential renovation companies to hire for paving services.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Generally, keeping your home clean increases its value. Therefore, apart from doing other home cleaning activities, you should also consider hiring a carpet cleaning company to keep your carpet tidy and fresh. Having your carpets professionally cleaned before listing your house for sale is usually a good investment, especially if they smell, have stains, or haven’t been cleaned in a while.

You become more accustomed to the feel and appearance of your carpets the longer you reside in a given home. However, prospective buyers will walk barefoot on your carpets and be acutely aware of any offensive odors or ugly stains. Sparkling, clean carpets that smell nice are a guaranteed conversation starter, and potential buyers will appreciate not having to worry about replacing the flooring right away.

Hot Tub Installation Services

The effect of hot tubs on home values is controversial among real estate agents. Some homeowners are worried about this because a decent spa can set them back anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000. Now, do hot tub installations boost property values? Fortunately, hot tubs can add value to a home, and that can help in offsetting the initial cost, unlike swimming pools.

Many aspects can cause a swimming pool to lower a home’s market value. Some arguments against the value are the loss of yard space, the high cost of upkeep, and the possible risk to children. However, hot tub installations do not carry the same risks. The secure lids and compact size make them a reliable financial choice. Instead, the value depends on how well it has been installed and whether or not it has been enclosed.

Paving Services

There’s more to a driveway than merely access to a home or parking for cars. It’s a detail that may make or break aesthetic appeal and the first impression of your home. Your driveway’s overall condition affects your home’s attractiveness to potential buyers and its worth. Your home’s curb appeal will be compromised if the driveway is unpaved or otherwise in poor condition compared to the driveways of similarly priced homes in the area. It will also be seen as having less worth.

For this reason, looking for residential renovation companies to hire for driveway installation, maintenance, or repair should be done before listing your home for sale. The good news for homeowners is that a well-maintained driveway can add anywhere from 5 to 10% to the selling price of their home. However, the price tag is determined by elements like the type of materials, the design’s complex nature, and the artisans’ skill.

These days, you can choose from a wide variety of pavement materials. Gravel and tarmac are the least expensive options, while pavers are the most expensive. Think about what your neighbors’ driveways are built of before deciding on a material. A gravel driveway won’t contribute much to the value of your home if all the neighboring houses have asphalt paving. Driveway paving should ideally mimic the style of nearby properties.

HVAC Installation Services

You may wonder if installing a central heating and air conditioning system in your home will boost its value if you want to sell it soon. Heating and air conditioning installations will increase your home’s value, but the exact percentage depends on a variety of factors. Even though you probably won’t get your full investment back when you sell your home, you could make back as much as 20-30%.

Investing in a new HVAC system for your home can boost its resale value and, in turn, its market worth. The typical cost of an HVAC system, including installation, is around $10,000. A new HVAC system can add $2000-$3000 to the asking price of a home, which translates to a 20-30% return on investment. If you wish to sell your home quickly and for the highest possible price, installing an HVAC system is a must. A local residential renovation companies to hire will give you a more precise valuation depending on the state of your home, the surrounding area, and the real estate market situation.

Window Treatment Services

The greatest approach to increasing your home’s value is to improve its functionality, like installing air conditioners, or its aesthetic appeal, like installing a new front door. Window treatments serve a practical purpose and add aesthetic value to a room. Since window treatments increase your house’s value, you need to pick ones that perform well. While drapes may seem elegant and timeless, a potential buyer may view them as drab and outdated. Focusing on shades, practical plantation shutters, or custom window blinds and treatment will add the most value to your home.

Painting Services

Painting your property is a simple, low-cost way to improve its aesthetic and market value. Repainting the interior, switching the paint in the kitchen, or refinishing the home’s exterior are all great ways to update your property and increase its worth. Did you know, for instance, that a home with a black-colored door fetches an average of a 2.9% premium over similar properties? You may easily add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your home’s selling price by making this simple adjustment before you put it on the market.

According to research conducted in 2015, homeowners who hired house painting companies for exterior painting of their homes saw a return on investment of 51%. If this isn’t strong enough to convince you to paint your home’s exterior, perhaps the numerous additional benefits will. Paint protects your home from harsh elements, including heat, cold, and rain.

Even if you do a fantastic job painting the outside of your house, it will eventually fade or chip. It’s time to hire a professional exterior painting service if it’s been long after you painted your home’s outside or if the paint is chipping, cracking, or fading. In addition to painting, power washing will give your home’s exterior a fresher look.

Generally, there are many home improvement services and residential renovation companies to hire, if you want to improve the value of your property. Even if you just want to improve the appearance and comfortability of your home, not with the sole purpose of selling it, the improvement services discussed above will have a big impact on the functionality and efficiency of your home.

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