Taking A Look At The Humane Removal Of Animal Infestations

From squirrel removal to rat removal to the removal of other rodents, pest control services are hugely important – as well as frequently utilized – all throughout the United States. In fact, an animal and rodent removal company is invaluable for a number of reasons. Namely, you should always hire a professional service when it comes to squirrel removal and other types of rodent removal.

For one, this is the case because rodents like squirrels and rats can carry a number of diseases. From rabies to other forms of bacteria, it is not ideal to contract any of them. If you, someone who does not have any or ample experience with rodent removal, it is unlikely that you will have success in squirrel removal or the like without getting hurt in the process. An animal removal service can conduct the squirrel removal of a squirrel infestation in a very safe and efficient manner.

On top of this, animal removal professionals will be able to remove unwanted rodents in a very humane way, with a goal of not hurting the animals at all. If you are not a professional who has been thoroughly trained in humane squirrel removal and the like, it is all too likely that you would injure an animal without even meaning to. After all, it is not necessarily the fault of the animal that a squirrel infestation happened in your home, as animals are driven by instinct and certainly do not understand things like human property versus the outside world at their disposal. Harming them for that is something that many people understand to be immoral, and human animal removal services have become more popular than ever before here in the United States.

And the need for rodent control is on the rise, not when it comes to the need for squirrel removal (though squirrel removal services are still very common in many parts of the country) but when rats must be removed from an area. After all, rats can breed incredibly quickly, going from two rats to more than four hundred and twenty million rats in just a few years (if the conditions for rat reproduction are ideal), and this has led to an explosion in the rat population in many cities all throughout the country.

In the city of Chicago, for instance, the need for rat removal services has increased by more than sixty percent (sixty one percent to be more exact) – and Chicago is one of the major cities of the United States that has experienced only a moderate amount of growth. Other cities, like New York City, where the rat population has increased by more than one hundred and twenty five percent, are much worse of. And San Francisco seems to have born the brunt of this population boom, with an increase in rodent removal calls and other such rodent related calls that very nearly reaches one hundred and seventy five percent (sitting at one hundred and seventy four percent, to be more exact).

The growth of rat populations in cities far outpaces the growth of rat population in rural or suburban areas. There are a number of reasons that this is typically the case. For one, there are a large variety of hiding places for rats to evade danger in, allowing them to reproduce freely. And there is more than enough food in many cities to feed a rat population that is growing exponentially. In fact, it’s estimated that rats and other similar rodents actually consume or otherwise contaminate up to twenty percent of the entire food supply of the world – and would consume as much as fifty percent of it, if these populations were left unchecked by rat removal and squirrel removal services (and other methods of rodent mitigation services too, of course).

Finding out that you have a rodent infestation is not ideal for anyone, and it can be frightening thing and a problem that seems insurmountable. Fortunately, pest control and pest removal services can greatly help to reduce and eliminate just about any pest problem that you might have, performing services that range from squirrel removal to rat removal here in American and beyond it.

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