Successful Ash Borer Treatment Options

Emerald ash borer treatment

A devastating and highly invasive species of insects, known as the emerald ash borer, has made its way to Illinois. The emerald ash borer can completely destroy and kill any species of ash tree within a short time span. Homeowners and communities need to start emerald ash borer treatment at the first sign of an infestation to avoid billions of dollars in damage.

The emerald ash borer insect made its way to America in 1990, but was not discovered until approximately 2002. This tiny, invasive insect seems to have spread quickly across the United States and is currently found in over 14 states, including Illinois.

There is currently no way to completely remove or eliminate emerald ash borer from the world, but there are effective ash borer treatment options homeowners, landscapers, and communities can rely upon in order to protect their ash trees. Currently, people who are looking for ash borer treatment options have three choices. All three choices have been successfully proven to prevent damage to ash trees from the emerald ash borer insect.

The emamectin benzoate is the most popular form of ash borer treatment. This ash borer control option is injected directly into the tree. This emerald ash borer treatment is often the preferred choice of treatment because it lasts for up to two years and has been proven extremely successfully in restoring damaged ash trees. The only drawback is that it can only be applied by professionals so landscaping in lake bluff companies need to constantly hire a professional to apply this emerald ash borer treatment.

Imidacloprid is a popular form of ash borer treatment for landscaping in Liberyville companies. This emerald ash borer control option comes in the form of soil that is placed along the base of the ash tree. It is extremely cost effective and helps prevent the insects from invading the tree. Dinotefuran, is the third type of ash borer treatment and it is similar to Imidacloprid, but it moves faster into the trees.

The emerald ash borer insect can be devastating and costly. Use effective and successful ash borer treatment options to prevent the ash trees in your landscaping from disappearing and being destroyed.

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