Steel, Carports, and Garage Buildings

Metal carports

Steel is one awesome iron alloy. Americans recycle more steel than plastic, paper, aluminum and glass combined every year, probably because it can be endlessly recycled without lessening its quality. That, along with the fact that more than 95 percent of the water used in the steel making process is recycled and steel buildings are usually built with a large portion of recycled steel content, is why steel is sometimes referred to as the EnviroMetal.

I have always lived in places that where I parked my car in car ports. Steel carports and other shelters for vehicles are impermeable to fire, termites, and earthquakes so I always was fine with my carports, especially the metal carports my last landlord constructed from metal carport kits, as they did a good job protecting my car from almost everything. But in my heart of hearts I always dreamed of the day I would have access to garage buildings for my beloved automobile instead. Not just metal garages, but actual garage buildings.

Garage buildings have the added benefit of storage space. Storage space is hard to come by these days. When I think of garage buildings, I do not just think about the cars inside, I also think of shelves lined with carefully organized labeled boxes filled with camping gear and various holiday decorations.

Garage buildings offer more than just storage and garage buildings protect from more than just weather. Garage buildings help keep my car safe from vandals and burglars. Garage buildings help protect cars from theft and garage buildings help keep a car clean, pretty and shiny. So as much as I think steel is the most amazing alloy in the world, and as much as I think carports do a fine job, this girl is ready for fully fledged, four walled garage buildings. It is just about that time.

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