Should I Be Worried About Radon In My Home?

You may be under the impression that an over-the-counter at-home radon testing kit is sufficient to test for radon. The fact is if you want complete peace of mind, you are better off going with a residential radon testing service.

Don’t be fooled by “easy to use testing for radon” kits. They can be less sensitive to the radon levels in your home than the equipment that a radon testing company uses. Your family’s health depends on accurate readings.

Should You Be Worried About Radon?

In the US, about one out of every fifteen homes have higher radon levels than what is considered safe by the Environmental Protection Agency. According to recent studies, it is estimated that about 22,000 lung cancer deaths each year are caused by radon exposure. All these deaths could have been prevented with the right residential radon testing service.

Radon is an odorless, colorless, naturally occurring gas. The gas can get trapped in structures and build up. Long-term exposure to this silent killer can cause lung cancer. The sad part is, you never know it is in your home unless you have professional radon testing, Colorado residents use to define the levels in their home.

Professional Testing for Radon

The best possible way to accurately define the radon levels in your home is to connect with a residential radon testing service that has the state of the art equipment to do the testing. Using a professional service will help you to ensure that your indoor air is safe for your family. Of course, the right service will not only be a residential radon testing service but a radon mitigation company as well.

Connecting with a pro team will ensure that your test levels are accurate, and if the levels are higher than safe, they can solve the problem for you. Radon does not have to be a threat to your family’s health, but you do need to be proactive.

Prevention is Always Better Than a Cure

Should you be worried about the radon levels in your home? The short answer is yes. The good news is that you do not have to be worried. You can be proactive. You can help protect your family from radon exposure by simply having the residential radon testing done with the professional residential radon testing service with solutions. Don’t risk your family’s health. You never know if you are that one out of fifteen homes with high radon levels in the home. Call today for the accurate testing services you need.

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