Replacing a Garage Door Opener

Take some time to replace your old garage door openers when they start producing strange noises or fail to function. Replacement garage door openers that fit your existing arrangement are the quickest and easiest option to get your garage door opener working again. Here’s how to properly install a replacement garage door opener:

Remove the Bracket
Remove the bolt and nut that secures the bracket to the door.

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Loosen the bolts and nuts with a ratchet and socket while gripping the bolt head with a wrench as you follow the mounting arm up to where it connects to the rail.

Remove the Motor
Remove the safety lenses on each side of the door by detaching the screws and repeat the same steps in removing the motor itself. Remove the metal chains or angle iron that hold the garage door opener to the ceiling. 

Assemble the Rail
Before installing the new motor, you’ll need to put it together. Install the first rail into the garage door opener’s engine or powerhead unit.

Install the Motor
Use the fastener, bolts, or clevis pin to attach the end of the rail in the bracket that supported the previous opener above the garage door. Reinstall the motor in just the spot where the previous one was.


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