Remodeling Cape Coral

Cape coral home builders

Homeowners have been remodeling their homes for thousands of years. In fact, one might argue that the first homeowners who remodeled their homes were the cave dwellers who decorated their lodgings with ornate paintings of the animals that they hunted, including elk, deer, bison, and elephants. Moving forward in history, we encounter medieval lords and ladies who transformed their simple stone castles into elaborate fortress cities, complete with thick stone walls, parapets, and turrets which protected the lords and ladies from invading hordes of barbarians and angry peasants who occasionally sought to overthrow and even murder their masters.

Partly owing to the fact that barbarian attacks are less likely today than they were during the Middle Ages, remodeling is a far less dramatic task today than it was one thousand years ago. Today, many homeowners in Cape Coral, FL are apt to hire a remodeling cape coral company for relatively innocuous reasons. Because Cape Coral is located so close to the ocean, Cape Coral residences occasionally must confront fierce storms, some of which have been classified as hurricanes, which leave water damage. If a remodeling cape coral company does not fix this water damage soon after the storm, homeowners fear that the water damage might produce mold which will threaten the residence’s foundations and its structural integrity. Therefore, many homeowners hire a remodeling company a week or two after a storm in order to obviate a more expensive remodeling Cape Coral jobs two or three months later.

However, not every homeowner who contracts a remodeling company needs to fix water damage. Oftentimes, these homeowners who contract companies are looking to add extra rooms onto their houses to accommodate new additions to the family, such as newborn children and grandparents who have decided to move to Florida in order to live closer to their families. Because these new residents require more space than the house currently provides, a homeowner often decides to contract a remodeling company for kitchen remodeling Cape Coral, outdoor kitchens Cape Coral, or bathroom remodeling Cape Coral. The homeowners often find that these remodeling cape coral jobs obviate awkward situations in which four residents compete for the same bathroom or other situations in which too many people squeeze into an uncomfortably tiny kitchen. These homeowners are often (but not always) much happier after their remodeling Cape Coral jobs have been completed.

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