Reasons To Invest In Your Landscape Design

Landscape design will occur to you if you have recently acquired new land or have an idea to create a garden in your backyard. Decisions between a French drain or swale for water drainage will be presented. Consulting with experts should help you pick the choice that works best for you.
Your design choice could be based on aesthetics or practicality, considering your land’s living and non-living elements. A quick search on how to draw landscaping plans online will provide you with several options that you could incorporate into your overall strategy.
For the tech-savvy do-it-yourself group, many apps are now available on smartphones to help you draw landscape plan online free. Keeping up with the times, landscaping companies have developed software to aid in design creation.


Focused on a home garden, you might be interested in custom backyard landscaping designs that set you apart from the rest. A great tip for living elements suggests planting them along an east-west line for maximum exposure to sunlight.
It is essential to consider all the concepts contributing to an elegant landscape and design setup.


Landscape lighting design

Though we don’t often think about it, the different types of lighting we encounter in our lives affects us in ways big as well as small. From custom landscape lighting to the lighting in your home office, there are ways to make every part of your home feel warm and inviting. For example, if you work from home (full or part time), you can influence how productive you feel with your lighting design. In a commercial office, almost 70% of survey respondents had complaints about the lighting. In a home environment, you have more control. Part of increasing your overall productivity might mean that you make sure that you have a lot of access to natural light in your home office. Studies have shown that natural light can actually increase nightly sleep by up to 46 minutes when compared to those who don’t have access to adequate natural light, if they have access to natural light at all. Access to natural light has also shown an uptick in willingness to exercise after a day of work, therefore proving to beneficial in improving overall health.

Installing custom landscape lighting like pathway lights, patio lighting, or even pond lights can actually increase the value of your home. Not only does it make it easier to spend time outdoors during summer months once the sun has set, it actually makes your house easier to sell. In fact, the majority of real estate agents recommend landscape renovations before placing your house on the market. Proper landscaping like custom landscape lighting has shown to increase your home’s value by almost 15%. Custom landscape lighting can involve any number of practical choices as well as design choices. To best renovate your landscaping, a lighting designer can assist you in the process of choosing your lighting. A residential lighting designer might recommend soft lighting like a warm-yellow light. Where to place landscape lighting can also be a common concern, and a lighting designer can help you to best arrange your custom landscape lighting as well.

LED lights might also make a good choice when creating your custom landscape lighting, as they provide both brightness and efficiency. In fact, LED lights use only about 15% of the energy that halogen bulbs do but have almost 90% of the light output of halogen bulbs. LED lights can come in a variety of colors and brightness, from warm yellow to white blue, so it’s likely that you’ll find the one best suited to your home.

No matter what renovation project you’re embarking on, lighting is a crucial component of any renovation.


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