Pricing a Custom Closet

The first question you might ask as a customer waiting on custom closet designs is to inquire about the cost of the project. There are many factors that go into determining the pricing of a custom closet such as size, materials, and more.

The size of the project is going to seriously fluctuate the price. Obviously, a larger space will be using more material than a smaller space.

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More importantly, however, the material chosen will be the main determining factor of cost. You can mitigate the cost of the project by choosing cheaper materials, but then you risk taking a hit in the quality of your design.

Another important factor of the project is to consider any accessories or add-ons that you choose to incorporate into the design. Some projects choose to use very minimal accessories, whereas others want any and all extra accessories they can fit. Fold-out ironing boards, lighting, rotating jewelry cabinets, pull-out drawers and so much more, will all jack up the price of the project rather quickly.

Since every custom closet designs project will be priced different, it is best to get a quote from a company you can trust in order to see what price range you will be working with!


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