Preventing Burglaries From Locks To Doors

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Safety is a concern for everyone. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner or both, if you’re like the rest of us you’re constantly worried about burglaries. Everyone knows that burglars target residential homes. An American home burglary occurs every 13 seconds at this point. With that being said, commercial business owners are just as susceptible to burglaries. While burglars targeting residential homes are often looking for not only money but valuable items like televisions and computers, this is also a risk for commercial businesses. Commercial businesses often possess technology that is valuable on the market; and indeed, some of them also keep inventory that is quite valuable. Luckily, there are many ways through which you can make your home or business more secure. This doesn’t have to involve installing an expensive high-tech security systems. Sometimes, installing a door with the help of a locksmith can make a big difference. An alarm just lets the police know that someone is breaking into your home when it’s happening. Installing a door with the right security measures can stop the break-in from happening in the first place. This makes a huge difference, and will better safeguard not only your belongings, but your physical health.

Burglaries: How Often Are They Happening?

Although burglaries are a concern for everyone, they perhaps aren’t as seriously considered as they should be. 2013 alone saw 74% of burglaries being residential burglaries. This is perhaps because burglars assume — sometimes correctly — that homeowners are not as worried about security as they should be. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen to commercial businesses. Commercial door locks are not always particularly secure compared to residential door locks, and they can easily become outdated. As it is, renters are 85% more likely to experience break-ins than property owners, with the reasons behind this being uncertain. About 63% of burglaries occur during the day, which means that people can get rid of the perception that burglaries are nighttime events. Why does a burglar target one place over the other? This could be due to the fact that the burglar has cased the place, and is aware of security weaknesses. Another reason could be, in the cases of businesses in particular, that the property in question is known to hold valuable, or even cash.

Break-Ins: What Are We Doing Wrong?

So, what is that we’re doing to contribute to the risk of burglaries and security breaches? There are many reasons why burglaries happen; while they’re the fault of burglars, there are ways that we can lapse in security on our own. For example, many people think that deadbolts virtually guarantee their security. This is not the case. In fact, in 10% or more homes deadbolts may be improperly installed, leaving a gap in safety. Sometimes, deadbolts are secured while people are installing a door. They should be double-checked before the installation is complete. Another issue is the door itself. Some doors can be kicked in or even broken. Installing a door made of more durable materials is extremely valuable; in fact, its value cannot be overstated. This is especially true for commercial businesses. If your business’s door seems damaged or insecure, a commercial replacement door can be installed — and that’s a very good idea. That said, there are more subtle ways in which we can jeopardize our own safety. By losing our keys, we create a scenario in which burglars can make copies of our keys. No matter how overzealous this may seem, if you change your locks and get different types of keys on a regular basis, you can better ensure your own security.

You can never be too sure when it comes to your own security. Don’t think that you’re going too far when it comes to installing doors and changing locks. You can’t ever be too safe regarding burglaries. Being on your game could save your belongings, and even your life.

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