Polar Vortex Have You Shivering? Time to Crank Up the Heat!

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Unfortunately, the Polar Vortex has returned, bringing frigid temperatures to areas all over the United States. In Atlanta, icy roads have caused motorists to get stranded for up to 24 hours now. In Illinois, students took to Twitter to complain when their schools didn’t close down despite the windchill that took temperatures to 25-below. And in Alaska, “On multiple dates this month, temperatures have been warmer in Alaska than they have been in Texas, Louisiana and much of the Atlantic coast, including Florida,” according to Alex Sosnowski on AccuWeather.com. The biting cold means that, for the second time this month, homeowners across the country are depending on the best home heating and cooling systems to stay warm.

Cold temperatures are always a good excuse to stay indoors and be lazy. “It’s too cold to get to the gym” is a statement that causes countless New Year’s Resolutions to go falter every year. But though cuddling up on the couch with that special someone is a good way to stay warm, the only practical way to fight back against the cold is to make sure you have HVAC repair services fix your system right away. Though now might be the worst time ever — considering the record cold — to have a breakdown, calling a professional might be the only way to make sure you can stay warm.

There are all kinds of different problems that could cause even the best home heating and cooling systems to stop working efficiently in the cold. Pilot lights could go out, thermostats could malfunction, ducts could leak or get clogged, and pipes that aren’t properly insulated could lose heat. Talented HVAC professionals should be able to quickly diagnose and repair any of those types of problems and save you from having to shiver your way through a cold winter night.

Investing in heating repairs is smart not only for staying warm
, but also saving money since inefficient systems have to work harder to keep your home warm. American Electric Power Ohio said that residents in Ohio, one of the coldest states, have used between six and eight percent more energy during the month of January than usual. As a result, many people there, and in other areas as well, are dreading opening up their utility bill next month. Without upgrades, you might have to deal with astronomical bills.

Experts say that you should inspect and maintain your heating system every year in the fall so that, when the Polar Vortex arrives, your system won’t break down. In extreme conditions, even the best home heating and cooling systems could struggle to run efficiently, causing you to be cold and draining your bank account. So getting the necessary repairs before the coldest temperatures arrive is always a good idea. More on this.

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