Is It Time to Call the Local Air Conditioning Repair Company? 3 Key Signs

Local air conditioning repair

It’s on your to-do list. You keep putting it off, and putting it off. You know the item I’m talking about: “Call the local air conditioning repair company for an annual checkup.”

That’s right, just like you would for your own health or the health of your family or pets, you should have your HVAC company in once a year to inspect your unit and give it a little regular maintenance, even if it appears to be working just fine. And yet only 42% of air conditioner owners in the U.S. do so. However, that simple checkup could save you a load of money in the long run. If you let your AC unit blow out completely, it will cost you a lot more to buy and install a new one than it would have been to just make the small fixes as they were needed.

It’s not too late to start giving your air conditioning service some love — just don’t put it off any longer. Here are three telltale signs that you need to call in the local air conditioning repair company now, before it becomes too late.

  1. There’s moisture in your air ducts.
    A little bit of moisture here and there, especially on particularly humid days, is not necessarily a problem. But if you notice constant dew that doesn’t go away, even later in the day, you could have some ventilation issues. Call in the experts before mildew and mold starts to accumulate in your ducts and stink up your home.
  2. You have to keep cranking it up higher.
    Air not pumping like it used to? Don’t immediately chalk it up to old age. Your unit may be inefficiently using up lots of energy; a few small tweaks could set it back right or even improve performance. You don’t necessarily have to junk the whole thing completely.
  3. There’s no cool air.
    Of course, this is the most obvious sign that it’s time to call in the local air conditioning repair company — yet many people still ignore it! Don’t wait until it’s the fifth 100+ degree day in a row to figure out what’s wrong. Detecting an unusual error right away could help your HVAC company diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently.

Take care of your air conditioning, and your air conditioning will take care of you! It’s too easy to take things for granted until they’re not working. Give your AC some regular attention and maintenance for a long and useful life.

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