Increase the Value of Your Home with Artistic Landscaping

Backyard hardscape design ideas

Are you aware that landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100 to 200 percent at selling time, according to Money Magazine? Spending at least 5% of the value of your home on landscaping can increase the resale value by 15%.That is quite considerable and well worth the effort and expense. A whopping 60% of potential home buyers believe that a well landscaped yard influences their home buying decisions.

According to the American Public Power Association, landscaping can reduce air conditioning by up to 50% by shading the windows and walls of a home. Furthermore, the USEPA notes that trees can mask unwanted noises with pleasant sounds and reduce bothersome noise by up to 50 percent. Even a tree shading an outdoor air conditioner can increase the unit’s efficiency by 10%.

You may want to upgrade your yard, but do not have the backyard hardscape design ideas that professionals have accrued over years of experience. There are so many things you can do to make your yard a more desirable place for family and friends. Having a green lawn and patio is sufficient, but adding a firepit and some lawn furniture will make it a welcoming place for relatives and neighbors.

Landscaping professionals typically have a Bachelors or Masters degree in the field, which qualify them to look at your yard and make sharp suggestions for your landscaping walkways, lighting, patio design, and planting. There are landscapers and then there are hardscapers. Hardscapers are experts in things like backyard water features, fireplaces, firepits, koi ponds, outdoor kitchens, and walls.

Having a fireplace or firepit in your backyard will open your possibilities up to neighborhood get togethers, barbecues, and family reunions. Luxury landscape design will make your property attractive to investors.
Covered patios give your family more living space, especially during the warm seasons. Led lighting ideas can be fun and alluring.

Professional landscapers can make your yard a work of art and beauty that will astound you and your visitors. You may be chosen as the yard of the year in your neighborhood with the help of landscaping companies in your area. Besides the basics, like lawn patch repair and advice, they employ expert technicians as well as designers who work together to make it the best it can be. They use high quality materials that will last for years to come.

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