How You Can Humanely Remove Critters From Your Home

If you live near a forest or any other kind of wooded area, you’ve more than likely had a few run-ins with critters. Animals like mice and squirrels can be a nuisance, especially if they get inside your home. If that happens, it’s best to try and remove pests like squirrels and mice in a humane manner.

If dealing with pests is something you’re doing on a regular basis, you’re probably wondering why critters like squirrels and mice are coming into your home to begin with. The answer is quite simple: homes are warm and comfortable and, just like humans, they want to be comfortable too, especially during the winter and early spring.

It’s estimated by the National Pest Management Association that without people working in pest control, rodents and bugs would wipe out at least 50% of our food supply. As it stands now, rodents and pests feed on and contaminate at least 20% of the food supply.

Seeing pests in your home can be an unwelcome site for some folks. But live removal of squirrels and humane mice removal should be the goal. If you’re going for the humane removal of pests from your home, here’s what you should be doing:

  • Ideally find a way to cut down on any stress to squirrels, mice or other pests. You want to get rid of them, but not hurt them.
  • Find ways to manage any pests in an eco-friendly way, which means you won’t be using any toxins to remove them.
  • Find a way to get the animal or animals to go elsewhere. You don’t want an ongoing problem, so you want to try and get it to leave on its own.
  • Try to find a way of humane live removal of squirrels or humane mice removal that’s not going to cost you a lot.

Now that you’ve established what the goals should be for safe and humane live removal of squirrels and mice removal, here are some tips for live removal of squirrels and humane mice removal if they actually get into your home:

  • Pinpoint where the problem is. One of the hardest things with pest control, humane or not, can be trying to find where animals such as squirrels, mice and other animals are getting in from. If you’ve got a big house with lots of nooks and crannies, there’s any number of places where animals of various sizes can slip through. Bearing that in mind, you may have to do some detective work to find the exact spot or spots.
  • Once you’ve pinpointed where and what is entering your home, you can set some traps that will remove any pests from your home humanely. Failure to do so can just give pests a chance to multiply to an uncontrollable number. A pair of rats for example can help foster a population of more than 400 million rats in about three years under ideal conditions.
  • When you’ve managed to get everything under control, you’ll want to be sure and inspect the area where the critters got in to figure out if any repairs need to be made. The last thing you want to do is conquer one problem only to discover that you’ve got a much bigger one on your hands.
  • You’ll also want to seal up any suspect entry points to prevent anything from coming in again.

Live removal of squirrels and mice removal from your house is not only possible, but it can be done without having to move heaven and Earth to get the job done. There are many humane ways you can try and remove any critters yourself or you can call upon your local pest control services or rodent removal to help you take care of the problem.

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