How Will You Install Your Vinyl Flooring?

When going through a home build or a room remodel, you may want to consider vinyl flooring. These planks are a beautiful, affordable option in place of hardwood or tile flooring. Here are some tips about how to go through your luxury vinyl plank flooring installation.

You will want to find the size of plank you want first, and then measure the floor. This will help you decipher how many planks you need to cover the surface area.

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Once you’ve ordered your planks, lay them out on the floor to see how they will all fit together. If one needs to be cut to fit the exact dimensions, measure carefully the width of the remaining space and then mark it on a plank. You should cut the plank with a sharp Exacto knife for precise placement.

After all your planks are placed, you can begin to apply the glue to solder them to the ground. You should find good glue from a hardware store near you. Talk to the workers to find out what brand is the best option. You may even be using a contractor for this process, and if you are, make sure they follow these steps for the best outcome.


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