How to Prepare Your HVAC System For Winter

Investing in an HVAC system is the best decision for homeowners. The unit cools down temperatures in summer and provides warmth during winter. For the system to work perfectly, it’s best to equip it for optimal performance. Always seek air conditioning services to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. One major way to prepare your AC heating and cooling unit system for winter is to change the filter. Dirt and other impurities can get trapped in the design, which may cause a breakdown. Always check your filter after 30 days and change it after three months. You can keep backup filters to have one handy the moment it requires replacement.

Make sure your AC ventilation system has a programmable thermostat. Most people program the thermostat to start in the morning 30 minutes before waking up or shutting it off after leaving in the morning. Consult your service provider to enjoy more features available in smart thermostats. It is important to have regular maintenance of your air conditioning ventilation system at least once per year. The furnace has an inside flame that should be inspected to ensure it is burning safely. An AC heating and cooling near me should clean the HVAC system during the maintenance practice.

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It is officially autumn. This means closing your pool, turning off your ductless air conditioning systems, and getting those sweaters out. But now that it is becoming colder, this means you will have to prepare your home and HVAC system for use in the winter-time. You have invested in a reliable heating and air conditioning unit, so it is worth your while to give it proper care. So here are some tips to follow in order to prepare your HVAC system for cooler weather.

Check and change your air filter

This is especially important so your family members do not breathe in allergens and debris that can get into your air from a clogged filter. The air filter should be changed every two months or so, and a good way to remind yourself is to follow this trick. When you change the filter, write on the paper in pencil the date you changed it. Then, when you cannot see the date anymore it i time to get a new filter!

Test your thermostat

Sometimes, the thermostats can go a little bit funky. On a cool morning, turn on the heat to your preferred temperature in the winter. If it takes a while to kick into gear, or it never reaches the desired temperature, you may have a problem and will need a heating and air conditioning repair. Also, keep an ear out for unusual noises such as screeching or rumbling.

Clean the machine

Vacuum any debris that could have collected on your system during the warmer months. When doing this, it is a good idea to go around your home and see if your air vents are being blocked. Common culprits are furniture, clothing, and toys, so move them out of the way so the heat has ample space to come in!

Duct work

Routine inspections of your duct system are important to ensure you have a reliable heating and air conditioning unit year round. You will want fresh air to run throughout your home, plus check for any leaks that can cause your heating bill to skyrocket during the winter months. Call your nearest HVAC contractor in case you are unsure how to do this.

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