How to Prepare Your Garage for a Hurricane

During a hurricane garage doors can be ripped off or damaged due to high winds and weather conditions. Locating the bracing posts and making sure they are secure is the main thing you want to do in order to take this preventative measure. Once you release the posts from the wingnuts, it will come loose from the bracket and you can work on the posts on their own.

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The idea is to remove the dirt and debris from within the holes that the posts go into in order for them to be in the ground as far down as possible. The top part of the post will attached to the top once the door is closed. Be sure to replace all pins when you are done so that nothing comes lose later on. If you are preparing for a storm, following tips for hurricane garage doors repairs is the best way to ensure your house remains secure and safe. There are some sharp edges involved with the metal, so be sure you are following safety precautions the whole time.

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