How to Perform Area Rug Cleaning Like a Pro

Area rugs are an essential accessory to have in your house, especially if your floors are all tile or hardwood. But when it comes to area rug cleaning, you have a challenge on your hands. Vacuuming once a week is great, but what about a truly deep clean? Here’s how you can clean your area rugs without breaking the bank.

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You’ll need to start by bringing your area rug outside or into your garage, if possible. Once you’ve relocated your rug, it’s time to bring out the vacuum. While a vacuum cleaner might not give you that deep clean you’re looking for, it’s a great first step to remove any loose dirt or dust from your rug.

Once you have your vacuuming done, it’s time to power wash. That’s right! The best way to clean your rugs is to hit them with a good power washing. If you’re nervous about doing this in your garage, then make sure you have enough space in your driveway. Start by running your power washer over your rug in steady, sweeping motions. After each pass, use a squeegee or a clean short-bristled push broom to remove excess dirt and moisture. Once everything is clean, you can hang it to dry and speed the process along with a leaf blower.


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