How to Build an Energy Efficient Home

One of the greatest considerations to make when building a home is how to make it more energy efficient. There is plenty of amazing technology and building materials out there there can help with this. From using light construction materials to choosing the most efficient windows, there are many ways to create a home that will save you money for years to come.

Not only is building an energy efficient home great for your wallet, but it’s often better for the environment as well. You can kill two birds with one stone with some of these energy saving tips.

Light Construction Materials

There are plenty of light weight construction materials out there that can be used when building your home. They are created from things like sand and cement and are more energy efficient than their heavier counterparts. Despite their lightness, they are sturdy and will make a great edition to your home.

Building Orientation

The location and orientation of the home is something to think about. When built and placed properly your house can create passive solar gain as well as reducing heat in the summer and cold in the winter.

Air Tight Homes

You want your home to be air tight, but also well ventilated. You want air to be able to get out when and where it needs to, but nowhere else. Heat and cool air leaking out in places it shouldn’t is one of the leading causes of lower energy efficient in a home. This is also where things like picking the right windows come into play.

Smart Lighting

Lighting is another opportunity to save energy. You want to choose lights that will last you a long without sucking up lots of energy. LED lights are a wonderful option to consider and these days are able to fit into most light fixtures.

Save Money With Your New Home

There are tons of great tips and tricks to make your new home more energy efficient. If this is something you’re concerned about when building your house then make sure you reach out to contractors who will work closely with you on this subject. Together you can create a beautiful home that will also save you money.

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