How can you reduce the amount of waste you produce?

Did you know on average we generate around four pounds of trash everyday? We buy tons of new products each and everyday that break or lose their purpose creating more garbage that nobody wants or knows what to do with. We are running out of places to put our trash and it is affecting the world more than we know. There was a whale found dead in recent news that had been full of plastics the poor animal had been eating while living in his ocean habitat. This is a sad truth for many animals around the world. Fisherman have saved fish, ducks, seals and many other animals from garbage found in our oceans. Creating a safe and clean way to reduce, reuse, and recycle our household garbage, industrial trash and yard waste is a battle we need to combat together. So how can we reduce the amount of garbage we produce everyday?

Stop using plastic one time use water bottles. Invest in a refillable water bottle that you can reuse for years to come. They can be as simple or fancy as you like for your daily routine.

Use stainless steel drinking straws instead of plastic. These can be purchased at many different stores and coffee shops around the world as well online.

Cut plastic bags out of your house entirely by using plastic containers or reusable fabric bags in all your lunches.

When vegetable gardening only grow what you can use or preserve so there is less yard waste removal to deal with afterwards. You can also donate some to the local food banks or charities.

If you have fruit trees maintain them to continue to grow healthy fruit for years to come. Ensure you collect fruit when it is ripe and don’t let it fall to the ground and create more yard waste. You can get waste removal services that will do your yard waste removal for you.

Invest in a composter for your yard. When you cut your lawn, weed the garden, or do tree trimming you will reduce the amount of yard waste removal you will require annually.

Think about getting a small flock of chickens if you have a large yard. Chickens will help reduce your yard waste and food waste by eating many of your leftovers and yard clippings.

Use gift bags instead of wrapping paper for gift giving so that the receiver can reuse the bag again and pass it on again and again.

Using these great practices for waste reduction in your home, office, or backyard will really help to make a huge difference. If we all start thinking this way we can change the damage that has been done to our amazing planet and keep it beautiful for future generations.

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