Home Shopping In One of the Nations Oldest States

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Virginia has a lengthy history long before the days of prime homes for sale Virginia Beach. The state of Virginia, originally known as the Colony of Virginia, was granted its name in homage to Queen Elizabeth I. The monarch of England never married, hence the name, which is a derivative of the word virgin, was bestowed on this New World colony. As the tenth state to join the Union, the Commonwealth of Virginia has quite a history of famous past residents, too. Not only was it home to many of our nations Presidents (Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, to just name a few), but famous explorers (Lewis and Clark), inventors, and entertainers (Ella Fitzgerald) once called Old Dominion home as well.

Today, the population of Virginia is close to 8.2 million (a far cry from the number of English settlers who claimed this land as their own in 1584). According to 2011 Census data, the city of Virginia Beach, which lies along the Atlantic coastline, is home to nearly 450,000 residents. Homes for sale Virginia Beach are an attractive option for many newcomers to the area due to their affordability (average home value is $276,500). The areas proximity to the beautiful Atlantic coastline is another benefit for people seeking homes for sale Virginia Beach.

Homes for sale virginia beach are nestled throughout several communities that wind their way along various waterways and the Atlantic coastline. These communities include many real estate options such as homes for sale in Norfolk VA (home to the worlds largest naval base), real estate chesapeake va, homes for sale Chesapeake VA, and, of course, real estate Virginia Beach. In addition to the temperate climates and beautiful landscape of Southern Virginia, the areas local economy also beckons many residents in pursuit of homes for sale Virginia Beach and homes for sale norfolk virginia. In addition to a large military presence and thriving tourism economy, this area boasts many industries and commercial activities. In fact, more than one third of residents seeking homes for sale Virginia Beach are employed by retail and wholesale businesses.

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