Hiring Remodeling Contractors to Remake the Home

Those who own their own house have an advantage over renters: their own their property, meaning that they can modify it as they see fit, and in general, the act of remaking the interior or exterior of the home is known as remodeling. Home remodeling can be a serious benefit for a home and its owner, and not just from the new and improved aesthetic. Utilities that are upgraded by remodeling contractors will not just look great but may be much more efficient in their work, saving money in the electric and water bills, and best of all, hiring remodeling contractors can make the house sell better on the real estate market when the time comes, since the home has a newer, fresher look and all the utilities work well. Remodeling companies are always available, from Los Angeles to Dallas to Boston, and remodeling contractors can remake a room or even the entire home, based on the homeowner’s vision for their remade house. How might this be done?

Trends in Home Remodeling

Hiring remodeling contractors usually means that the homeowner has an idea of what their house’s interior should look like after work, and those who aren’t so sure can hire design build crews who can do both jobs: design the interior, and build it. Many millions of American homeowners hire remodeling contractors every year, and there are some clear trends and statistics about how these jobs turn out. Just last year, for example, spending on home improvement products totaled to an impressive $303 billion. What is more, the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University had once released an estimate saying that in 2018, a record-setting $340 billion would be spent on home remodeling, giving remodeling contractors plenty of work in that year and beyond.

The Houzz and Home study released data from 2017 showing just who was hiring remodeling contractors to get all this work done, and how much was being spent. In 2016, renovators who bought their first home spent around $33,800 on home renovation work, and this is a 22% increase of 2015’s figures. The same study showed that Baby Boomers and more generally, homeowners aged 55 and over still spend the most on home improvement, spending roughly three times as much money as those of the Millennial generation (those born 1982-1995). Still, this study would suggest that Millennials, as they grow older, are slowly catching up. In 2016, homeowners of that generation spent 7% more on their homes in 2016 than 2015, and this trend may continue well into the future.

What to Remodel?

A homeowner who wants to launch a home remodeling job may either remake their entire home’s interior, or just a few select rooms. The former case will take longer and probably cost the most, but then again, it allows a house to have a consistent theme and look in all four walls, and all those upgraded utilities can save a lot of money over time. Otherwise, one or two rooms might be remodeled instead. Most often, those rooms will be the kitchen or the master bathroom, which are the two most popular rooms to remodel. A remade kitchen can go from a cluttered, dirty place to somewhere where a homeowner is happy to spend time cooking in, and many homeowners report a positive lifestyle change after remodeling their kitchen. The cabinet doors can be repainted or replaced, for example, for a fresher look, and the floor’s tiles can be torn up and replaced with new ones. The walls might be repainted, and the stove, microwave, or fridge may be replaced as well. Even the old countertop can be swapped out for a granite or marble one that is both attractive and very durable.

The mater bathroom is often a place to relax, such as for taking bubble baths or spending time in front of the sink shaving or working on one’s hair. Here again, the floor tiles can be torn up and replaced, and the walls can be painted or the lighting fixtures replaced. The sink, toilet, or shower may be replaced with newer models that are both attractive and water-efficient, saving money in the long run. New shower heads might even have extra features.

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