Do Your Commercial Concrete Floors Need Work After This Long, Harsh Winter?

This may be a spring like few others. After one of the harshest and longest winters in the midwest, there are a number of places in the midwest who have seen more snow and more days in a row with the ground covered in snow than any other time in the month of February. And while all of this snow and ice can really do a number on cars, streets, and highways, there is also a significant amount of damage that can occur inside as well. From hotel lobbies to car engine service stations to schools and individual homes, there are many places that will be looking for a way to clean and redo indoor areas as a result of this winter.

Slick streets, sidewalks, and parking lots mean lots of salt, sand, and gravel. Although all of these items can make a roadway or walkway easier to navigate, they can also cause significant damage to concrete floors, as well as tile and wood flooring options. From scratches to chips to various other kinds of damage, there are many businesses who are looking at durable commercial concrete paint and other products to limit that amount of damage that is done to any surface, no matter what time of the year it is.

Many Surfaces Require Specialty Coatings to Make Sure There Remain as Good Looking as Possible
Floors, decks, roofs, and other surfaces can take a lot of wear and tear, but if they are properly cared for they can still look great. For instance, with a rubberized roofing paint there are many times when an outdoor shelter even in the harshest of winters and summers can last for many years. Likewise, commercial deck sealants can keep wooden patios, gazebos, and other structures and surfaces maintain their beauty while also remaining more durable.

Knowing what kind of product that you should use can help you maintain the value of any space, whether it is a residential or a commercial one. For example, slip resistant waterproof coatings on a pool area will help keep swimmers safe, but this kind of coating may not be effective in other environments. As the painting and coating industries continue to expand, it should come as no surprise that there are now very specific products for nearly any kind of surface. The latest commercial concrete paint, in fact, can limit the concrete dust in any space, while also making sure that the space looks great.

To look at just one industry, roof contracting materials and labor generates an estimated $46 billion of revenue in the U.S. every year, and some of this money is from the special coatings that are used. In the residential market, nearly 80% of renovating home owners indicate that they are replacing major bathroom features like flooring, countertops, showers, and sinks. Every one of these surfaces can often benefit from the right kinds of cleaners and coatings.

If your business entryway has suffered this winter because of all the sand, gravel, and salt that has been carried in on people’s shoes, it may be important to find out if the newest commercial concrete paint will help you prevent this damage from happening in the future.

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