Beginning the Parking Lot Construction Process

The parking lot is a fundamental part of owning a business. The parking lot is the first part your customers see when going into your property. A well-managed parking lot can create a good impression on your customer. It is why your parking lot must be well constructed and well-maintained.

Parking lot construction is a tedious job. It is not quick and easy. You may need a lot of equipment like trucks and dump trucks to build.

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Here is a guide on how to build a parking lot.

Step 1:
The first step in parking lot construction is preparing the pavement where the installation will take place. Secure to hire the right construction company and gather all the permits.

Step 2:
Remove the existing asphalt down to the subgrade layer. The subgrade asphalt will be subject to an inspection of any flaws. So if there is any flaw, the subgrade layer will be milled out.

Step 3:
Just like building a house, pour asphalt on a subpar sub-base layer. Secure that your contractor compacted it correctly to avoid mistakes and future problems.

Step 4:
Pour hot asphalt mix from the dump truck and put it in the asphalt paving machine. The machine is now ready to install the asphalt.

Step 5:
The new pavement is now ready for compaction. After doing all the process, mark your pavement. Determine the distance of the vehicles, and you the job is done.


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