Are You Looking for a Durable Floor Covering for Your New Home?

Tampa travertine tile floor cleaning

Preparing a house to sell is a difficult task. Homeowners spend time tile floor cleaning, wood floor finishing, and interior trim painting. In many cases, the home once it has been prepared to list is nice enough that it makes many homeowners wonder why they are selling in the first place. And while some of the repairs are more difficult than others, tile floor cleaning can be more manageable with the proper products and techniques.
Cleaning a tile floor involves two major parts: the grout and the tile itself. In many cases the tile is actually easier to clean than the grout. The porous nature of the grout and the fact that it is often a fairly light color can make this part of the cleaning process especially challenging. Purchasing a grout cleaner that can be safely applied and letting it sit, however, can make the process more manageable. In most cases, however, manufacturers recommend a simple cleaner that homeowners already have in the house. In fact, when it comes to cleaning grout, manufacturers say homeowners should stay away from harsh chemicals and instead use a mixture of approximately one-third white vinegar to two-thirds water for the best everyday cleaning. Alternately, manufacturers recommend calling in a professional cleaner for difficult to clean stains.
The tile itself is often durable enough to stand up to many cleaning materials. For all floors, cleaning with warm soapy water with a bucket and hand sponge is almost always more effective than a quick mop method. And while hands and knee cleanings are not necessary every single week, failing to carefully clean a tile floor at least once a month can lead to dirt build up that is difficult to remove.
Many Homeowners Select Tile Floor Coverings That Require Less Maintenance
Tile floor restoration services can be expensive and time consuming. And while it may seem like the experts charge a healthy price, many homeowners realize that the results are worth the money. Completing tile restoration before selling a home is often a worthwhile investment. The impression a well done tile floor cleaning can have on a potential buyer can effect how that buyer sees the rest of the space in an entire room.
Although many homeowners use carpeting in many areas of the home, a tile or other hard surface flooring is a logical choice for kitchen and bathroom areas. Carpet may account for 51% of the total U.S. flooring market, but it is not always the easiest surface to keep clean. A stained or damaged tile, on the other hand, can often be replaced within 30 minutes by a professional tile installer.
Many tile floor surfaces are easier to clean and maintain if a coating is applied when the flooring is initially installed. Terrazzo cleaning and terrazzo polishing, for example, can benefit from a topical sealant. Topical sealants are fairly easy to apply and sit on the surface of the grout to protect it. This sealant often eliminates the need for frequent grout cleaning, but the sealant does need to be reapplied every one to two years.
Another reason home owners chose a hard flooring surface like tile is that it can be made from recycled products. In fact, a terrazzo floor that incorporates 100% recycled glass aggregate can contain as much as 75% recycled raw material by volume. This kind of flooring has recently been developed to use recycled product, but the terrazzo flooring itself has a long and rich history that dates back as far as 1500 years ago.
Floor Choices Effect Home Value and Home Maintenance
When buyers are looking at both new and used homes, the flooring choices that are present often vary greatly. Newer homes often have a polished and clean look, but inexpensive choices that initially look great may not hold up to the wear and tear of family life. The highest quality tile in an older home, if properly installed and maintained can last for decades and even centuries. Tile floor cleaning is an initial step that homeowners should take as they prepare to sell their home. The results of well cleaned and well maintained flooring can mean a quick sale at the asking price.

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